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Crypto is Money — Let’s Use It!

Store #BTC, #LTC, #XRP, #ETH, and #USDT all in one app using CryptoWallet. Try our crypto banking service today!

It’s official: #Bitcoin is now legal tender in the nation of El Salvador, a world first for #crypto!

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#Litecoin just hit an all-time high of $400, a major milestone. #LTC hasn’t traded above $300 since 2017!

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#ETH just hit a new all-time high, now trading near $3,170.

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#BTC dominance just fell below 50% for the first time in three years. Is #altcoin season finally here?

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XRP soared above $1 for the first time since 2018 this week, reaching as high as $1.44. Prices are volatile and likely to make major movements. Are you ready to invest in XRP?

#XRP #Ripple #cryptocurrency #blockchain

ETH blew past all time highs to reach above $2,120 earlier today, outperforming even Bitcoin over the last three months. The bull case is strong – are you ready to invest in ETH?

Bitcoin has fallen around 13% from its all-time high, but the mid-term looks bullish and volatility lies ahead! Are you in crypto yet? Join CryptoWallet now!


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